Referral Terms & Conditions

1. Refer a Friend

Only registered users can use CartDial coupon from their individual account. Guest users will not be able to avail this facility.

You receive CartDial coupon worth ₹499 that would be credited to your account once your referred order (with a minimum bill value of ₹2500) is successfully completed/ delivered.

CartDial coupon can only be used on Coupon will not be valid for any other website.

You cannot use a referral code of any other user. Referral codes are unique and can be used only with individual’s account.

Coupon code can be used once, You can not use same coupon code again for any other order.


2. Referral Link

Register your account on

Referral link is available in each individual account.

Copy and share the referral link to your friend/colleague to place an order.

Once the order will get completed/ delivered, you will receive a coupon of 499INR in your account.


3. CartDial Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to withdraw/cancel CartDial Referral coupon anytime from a user’s account in case of fraud. Fraud shall be defined as:

Forgery of documents
Referring oneself
Referring a non-existent person
Running ads on any paid network (E.g. Google adwords) to earn through referral code.


4. CartDial Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to delete all referral codes posted to the CartDial, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google Plus, Google Playstore or Instagram pages.